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The goal of this book is to teach you all the steps you need to trade and invest in the financial markets of stocks, currencies (forex), and cryptocurrencies.

It is not a novel to read on the beach, it is a reference and study book where the written content is constantly complemented with videos, thanks to numerous QR codes that will take you to them, so that you can complement your information.

In this book you will learn things like:

  • What is a broker and how to become a broker.

  • What it is, how it works and how much you earn by trading.

  • What trading platforms to use.

  • How to read stock charts.

  • All types of positions.

  • All types of orders.

  • Stock market hours.

  • How to master the risks of trading.

  • How to calculate commissions.

  • How to control your impulses.

  • The most important trading indicators.

  • More than 10 trading strategies.

  • The best investment system, profitable and tested.



This is a reference book, to support your decisions when trading and investing in the stock market. It is NOT a reading book.


Hemain objectiveof this book is when you want to remember a concept, take the book, look for the page and watch the explanatory video.


Hekey differentiating factorof this book is that it can be read, seen and listened to, since each of the topics has its corresponding explanatory video associated with it.


This book is essential for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to trading and investing in both the stock market and the financial markets.


The main objective is to teach TECHNICAL ANALYSIS from an updated perspective regarding classical theory.

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